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VA – Dubstrumentals Vol.3

Dubstrumentals Vol.3


LABEL: Z Records
GENRE: Soulful House
RELEASED: 2023-11-10


  1. Akabu, Dave Lee ZR, Jinadu – Highways Feat. Jinadu (Dave Lee Medusa Dub) 06:05 123bpm/Gmin
  2. Dave & Maurissa, Dave Lee ZR, Maurissa Rose – Look At The Stars (Moog Dub) 07:13 125bpm/Amin
  3. Dave Lee ZR, Omar, Grant Nelson – Starlight (Grant Nelson VIP Dub) 06:32 124bpm/Bmin
  4. Destiny II, Dave Lee ZR – “Play 2 Win” (Dave Lee’s Taste The Bass Dub) 06:08 122bpm/Dmin
  5. Doug Willis, Dave Lee ZR, Emmaculate – Dougswana (Emmaculate Instrumental Mix) 08:20 124bpm/Cmin
  6. Doug Willis, Dave Lee ZR, Mickey More & Andy Tee – Music Speak Louder Than Words (Micky More & Andy Tee Instrumental) 06:28 124bpm/Amin
  7. Dynasty, Dave Lee ZR – Still In Love (Dave Lee Solar Powered Boogiestrumental) 07:54 120bpm/G#min
  8. Foreal People, Dave Lee ZR – In The Mood To Groove (Dave’s Shake Your Body To The Funk Mix) 06:50 123bpm/D#min
  9. Ja’shay, Dave Lee ZR – “Shout Hallelujah” (Dave Lee Brotherhood Dub) 05:35 122bpm/A#min
  10. Jean Aubergine, Dave Lee ZR – Disco Numberwang (Jean’s Value Added Sax Dub) 06:28 125bpm/Amin
  11. Joey Montenegro, Dave Lee ZR – Make A Move On Me (Dubwize Re-Organisation) 06:45 122bpm/Fmin
  12. Kabbala, Dave Lee ZR – Ashewo Ara (Dave Lee Afro Fusion Instrumental) 07:32 124bpm/Amin
  13. Lakeshore Commission, Bluey, Dave Lee ZR – In 2 The Light (Dave Lee Slap Bass Invasion Dub) 06:03 123bpm/Gmin
  14. Leonid & Friends, Dimitri From Paris – Street Player (Dimitri From Paris Special Dubwize Mix) 07:07 126bpm/Amin
  15. Prospect Park, Dave Lee ZR – Shake It Up Tonight (Dave Lee’s Jazzy Re-Shake) 07:13 121bpm/Cmin
  16. Raquel Rodriguez, Dave Lee ZR – Undone (Dave Lee’s Disco Instrumental) 06:27 120bpm/Bmin
  17. Raven Maize, Dave Lee ZR, David Penn – The Real Life (David Penn Instrumental) 06:26 124bpm/Gmin
  18. Raw Essence, Dave Lee ZR, Lifford – Do It Again (Dave Lee’s Dub It Again Mix) 06:35 118bpm/Amin
  19. Risqué Connection, Dave Lee ZR, Michael Gray – Saturday (Michael Gray Dub) 06:00 123bpm/Amin
  20. Roland Wrightangle, Dave Lee ZR, Darcus – In Your Blood (Dave Lee Bloody Dubby) 06:02 116bpm/Emin
  21. Soul Dhamma, Sean McCabe – Don’t Run Away (Sean’s Italo Piano Dub) 06:18 124bpm/Fmin
  22. The Chocolate Fudge Band, DJ Fudge, Mani Hoffman – Everything (Instrumental) 06:57 121bpm/A#min
  23. The Sunburst Band, Dave Lee ZR, Dam Swindle – Garden Of Love (Dam Swindle Remix) 08:18 129bpm/G#min
  24. The Sunburst Band, Dave Lee ZR, Mickey More & Andy Tee – Journey To The Sun (Micky More & Andy Tee Instrumental) 06:45 124bpm/Gmin
  25. Wipe the Needle, Sacha Williamson – On Time (WTN 4X4 Dubstrumental) 07:26 121bpm/Gmin

Total Playtime: 02:49:27 min


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