Raf N’ Soul pres. – Brooklyn Soul Compilation / Brooklyn Trax

Brooklyn Soul Compilation

Raf N’ Soul pres.

LABEL: Brooklyn Trax
GENRE: Soulful House
RELEASED: 2021-05-30


  1. Chanelle, Victor Simonelli, Kelly Mack – Having You, Having Me (The Simonelli Mack Extended Mix) 09:47 126bpm/G#min
  2. Cloud 9, Groove Technicians – Do You Want Me Baby (Groove Technicians Soulful House Mix) 05:42 125bpm/A#min
  3. Club Z, Tony Humphries – I Wanna Be Someone (Tony Humphries Choo Choo Charlie Mix) 06:10 123bpm/Dmin
  4. Connie Harvey,, Ae – Thank You Lord (AeRemix) 07:24 123bpm/Amin
  5. Deep End, Feat Mimi Johnson, Marc Pomeroy – Your Love Is Pain (Extended Club Mix) 04:56 124bpm/F#min
  6. Federal Hill, TMVS (Tommy Musto And Victor Simonelli) – I Have Something For You (TMVS Club Mix) 08:05 125bpm/D#min
  7. Glenn Sweety G Toby, Soulcreation – If Everyone Were Blind (Soul Creation Main Vocal Mix) 06:43 124bpm/Bmin
  8. Insatiable, Feat Mone’, Roy Davis Jr – Your Love (Roy Davis Jr Club Mix) 08:34 130bpm/G#min
  9. Mirage, Feat Gary L, Kevin Fernando – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Kevin Fernando 2018 Vocal Mix) 08:39 138bpm/D#min
  10. Pound Boys, Feat Earl Bennett, The Pound Boys – Jazz Jazz Jazz (PB Tribute Vocal Mix) 08:15 124bpm/Amin
  11. Raf N’ Soul In The Mix, Raf N Soul – RAF N SOUL CONTINUOS DJ MIX (Continuos DJ Mix) 01:16:53 123bpm/Fmin
  12. Romanthony Eve Angel, Romanthony – Get It Together (Original Mix) 07:00 120bpm/Fmin
  13. Soul Corporation, Feat Connie Harvey, Victor Simonelli, Lenny Fontana – Make It Happen (For Yourself) (L&V Garage Vocal Mix) 07:42 123bpm/Gmin
  14. Soulmagic & Ebony Soul Feat.Ann Nesby, Raf N’ Soul – Get Your Thing Together (Raf N Soul New York Remix) 06:00 126bpm/C#min
  15. Tracks From The Other Side, Victor Simonelli, Kevin Fernando – Hammond Heat (Kevin Fernando And Victor Simonelli Original Mix) 08:53 126bpm/Amin


Total Playtime: 03:00:43 min

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