Roque ft Nontu X – Visions Of Love (Remixes) / DeepHouse Police

Visions Of Love (Remixes)

Roque ft Nontu X

LABEL: DeepHouse Police
GENRE: Soulful House
RELEASED: 2020-08-07


  1. Roque, Nontu X, 0715 Sound – Visions Of Love (0715 Sound Remix) 07:00 120bpm/Gmin
  2. Roque, Nontu X, Cubique DJ – Visions Of Love (Cubique DJ Remix) 08:02 120bpm/Gmin
  3. Roque, Nontu X, Elementicsoul – Visions Of Love (Elementicsoul Remix) 06:34 121bpm/Gmin
  4. Roque, Nontu X, Grants, Deepconsoul – Visions Of Love (Grants & Deepconsoul Memories of you Mix) 06:14 118bpm/Cmin
  5. Roque, Nontu X, MosDeep, Profound Roar – Visions Of Love (MosDeep & Profound Roar Exclusive Mix) 06:09 120bpm/Gmin
  6. Roque, Nontu X, MR KG Soul – Visions Of Love (MR KG Soul Mix) 08:34 134bpm/Gmin
  7. Roque, Nontu X, Noxious DJ, TorQue MuziQ – Visions Of Love (Noxious DJ & TorQue MuziQ Remix) 07:52 120bpm/Cmin
  8. Roque, Nontu X, Tholo Mashika, Doza – Visions Of Love (Tholo Mashika & Doza Soulful Mix) 07:10 116bpm/Gmin

Total Playtime: 00:57:35 min

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