Chymamusique feat. Siya – Hold On / Chymamusiq Records

Hold On

Chymamusique feat. Siya

LABEL: Chymamusiq Records
GENRE: Soulful House
RELEASED: 2020-08-06


  1. Chymamusique, Siya, Bobby M – Hold On (Bobby M Soundchef Remix) 05:54 117bpm/F#min
  2. Chymamusique, Siya, China Charmeleon The Animal – Hold On (China Charmeleon the Animal Remix) 05:03 118bpm/Fmin
  3. Chymamusique, Siya, C-Moody – Hold On (C-Moody Remix) 06:02 117bpm/F#min
  4. Chymamusique, Siya, Dustinho – Hold On (Dustinho Healthy Cut) 07:58 123bpm/Amin
  5. Chymamusique, Siya, Mr KG Sunset – Hold On (Mr KG Sunset Remix) 07:21 124bpm/Gmin
  6. Chymamusique, Siya, Mrex De Just – Hold On (Mrex De Just Remix) 07:00 115bpm/F#min
  7. Chymamusique, Siya, Sir Mos – Hold On (Sir Mos Remix) 05:45 124bpm/C#min
  8. Chymamusique, Siya, Slotta – Hold On (Slotta Remix) 06:51 118bpm/C#min
  9. Chymamusique, Siya, Stagz Jazz – Hold On (Stagz Jazz Remix) 05:04 119bpm/F#min
  10. Chymamusique, Siya, Tefo – Hold On (Tefo Hyped Remix) 07:46 130bpm/Fmin
  11. Chymamusique, Siya, Webstah – Hold On (Webstah Remix) 06:08 116bpm/Cmin

Total Playtime: 01:10:52 min

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